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Cosmic Hero - Bust Test Designs by ACE-Spark
Cosmic Hero - Bust Test Designs
Some changes to what would be the primary cast of a theoretical relaunched comic. Characters are listed below.
1st Row of Characters:
Ricky "Jet" Jones (Protagonist), Misty Rayne, Arthur

2nd Row of Characters:
"Jane", Davwin Armanios, Patch

The main updates: Jet's nose got a bit more cartoony, whether this sticks or not, we'll see. He's also not bald now. I am very much taking that hairstyle from Dave Lister.
Misty now wears some friggin' clothes, and as her outfit may indicate, she's probably had a few changes to her social status... a social status that was in the original comic's backstory but never had chance to actually appear on screen.
Arthur has seen no changes what-so-ever to his design. Because he works.
Jane's a little younger than the original, and then of course there is the implants. 
Davwin also has few changes,  although he is getting promoted to primary character for, reasons. 
And who is Patch? He was in the original comic, and was quite important... but i'll leave that one with you.

This was also a test for new software to use with my drawing tablet... which I have to say feels so much more natural than most software I've tried. So there is that.

I'll keep practicing.
Quint's Revenge 2: Wily Boss Concepts (Spoilers!) by ACE-Spark
Quint's Revenge 2: Wily Boss Concepts (Spoilers!)
Ah, the sequel to the game that nobody epected, due to a distinct lack of me telling anyone I was working on it.  Oh well, in my defence, that game was RUSHEDSweating a little... . This one? Not so much. 
So as one of the side projects I've been doing (mostly for when I don't feel like working on Revolution Remix.) , this game is being made in tandem with that one. Neither game is replacing the other, and a demo was released for QR2 and is available on the Spirtes INC website.

Posting these here to see if anyone has some suggestions basically. I won;t actually be doing much on them until the Robot Master stages are finished, and they still need to be animatied. These are also very much work in progress.
Some are taken from games I either abandoned, or figured I could make better use out them here. But most of them are new.


Wily 1
Mid Boss(es) - Bakeneko, Kitsune, Tanuki and Inugami.

I have yet to decide whether these guys will work like the Weapons Archive from Mega Man 10, or be separate entities fought throughout the stage, these masks latch onto other robots and control them.  Since the level takes place inside Wily's self styled Dojo, each mask is based off a different mythological creature from Japan.

Boss - Yokai Devil
A devil made up of "yokai" spirits, combining them into one large monster. In addition to the usual Devil robot shenanigans, it has a few more attacks to keep the player occupied.

Wily 2
Mid Boss - Picopico-U-01X

A combination of two fortress bosses, CWU-01P and Picopicokun from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2 respectively. Their battle will feature elements of boss bosses this was made up off.

Boss - G.E.C
Since Wily's lair actually takes place in area that closely resembles anicent japan, to be historically accurate, here's this Giant Enemy Crab. You may need to use real time Weapon change to best this one.

Wily 3
Mid Boss - Meku Bomber

Based roughly off an Japanese legend, this thing drops a variety of skull robots and devices in order to hinder the player.

Boss - Mecha Shenlong
It's a dwagon. 

Wily 4
Mid Boss - Matrix Archival Unit

This git likes to steal your special weapons and uses them against you. All the while you are dealing with the low gravity this thing generates.

Boss - Jan-Ken Knuckles
I'm not sure how I can pull this off without it getting too frustrating (I'll figure something out)... but you'll be basically playing rock, paper, scissors with this thing.

Wily 5
Boss Rush

You know the drill by now.

Boss - Wily Machine X3.
The third in the Sprites INC Wily Machines, Wily has outfitted his with a large arsenal of weapons. It also likes to punch its way out of trouble, causing you a significant whack should you get hit.

Wily 6
Mid Boss - Boo Beam Trap MK2

I'm an evil bastard. Devilish 

Boss - Copy Quint
Something that was queried in the original Quint's Revenge is why Quint never got to fight Quint. It's being rectified in the seqeul. He's going to be using a combination of the original battle as well as a few moves "borrowed" from Rockman Shadow.

The current conceptwork for the game has an additional Wily stage after this one... where you take down the mad man once and for all. Not showing the final boss here and I feel that would be too spoilerifiic.
Polarity Man by ACE-Spark
Polarity Man
Pixel art bust of pharos04's Polarity Man from Bass Comic Adventures. Made for a now abandoned project. (Don't worry, I'm not referring to SIBRE, that's still on the cards.) Figured I might as well post it here as I kind of like how it turned out.
Mega Man Revolution - Blast Man Redesign by ACE-Spark
Mega Man Revolution - Blast Man Redesign
The remade Blast Man for Mega Man Revolution. Since Æon wasn't able to complete the sheet, I took up the task instead.
His reprogrammed fight was also finished today, so it'll be shown off in the next Vlog.
Edit: Made some tweaks.
Edit 2: Uploaded the final version of the sheet, which includes some frames reworked by Karakato, these have been highlighted in red.


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Adrian Nock
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Cheers for the Birthday wishes guys, hope you lot have a good New Years!
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